Effective communication with associates in and outside of your organization is essential to your success.
Boardcast® makes communication, data sharing and storage simple, direct and cost effective.


Boardcast® is a data and communication platform. It provides real time solutions for any type of organization that needs to communicate with board members, employees, customers and vendors. Boardcast's web and mobile applications allow organization keep in touch, keep informed and stay focused. It is the most effective and affordable solution to help your organization broadcast communication and manage day-to-day operations.


Get the word out fast. Boardcast® notification platform allows you to communicate with mobile and email in one simple interface. It's also a data repository for important organization documents and data that need to be stored securely.


If you partner with other organizations, Boardcast® is your secure exchange liaison. Share data, private chat, calendar events, documents, questionaires and polls are just some of the great features Boardcast® offers. And all information private, secure and real-time.


Save time and money. Boardcast® makes these functions easy and in some cases replaces many other expensive services.

How does Boardcast® comunicate?

We're everywhere your associates are...


Login, manage, monitor and connect.


Operate 24/7 with Boardcast® mobile apps.


Emailing members with Broadcast® fast and simple to use.

Data Exchange

Share only the data you want with other organizations.


Securely store your data with Boardcast®.


Support is there for you around the clock.

Who We Serve

Actually, we serve organizations of any kind that need to get the message out and share information. Here are just a few:

Corporate Boards

Private communication. Boardcast's encryption of documents and chat removes the worry of data breach and allows board members to concentrate on company business.


Boardcast® mobile and web tools help clubs organize, manage and share the club experience. Its notifications, calendars, feeds and event management feature make it easy.

Property Management

Property Management is a growing segment and we are expanding our support for this industry! Secure B2B property data sharing with AppFolio is our first offering. This fall, Boardcast® will expand with features that include turn and work order management, home security monitoring, and an AppleTV command center to help property managers get it done.

Municipal Services

Whether it is a state, county or a city department, Boardcast® facilitates data and communications within or between all government employees and citizens they serve.

Faith Organizations

Boardcast® helps faith organizations communicate at all levels: clergy, board members, staff and congregation. Share your faith with Boardcast®.

Greek Life

With event management, chats, photo gallery, social feeds and inter-chapter sharing, Boardcast® keeps all members engaged.


We're here to help.